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Comprehensive Maritime Security

Our philosophy

1. Customer's interests - above all! Your questions - our solution! Since the establishment of our company , we declare an attentive and respectful to the wishes of customers , we try to maintain the status of the organization , trustworthy. At the national or international level, in any area and in any difficult situation, our employees are able to respond quickly, intelligently and with maximum efficiency for the customer , using all our strength and resources , as well as the resources and capabilities of our general partners in the business.

2. Our reliability. We seek to take a leading place in the international security market, without prejudice to the interests of potential competitors, not confrontation, with due respect to him. Competence and professionalism in the implementation of any project confidentiality to the customer - guarantees optimal solutions to complex problems. Our pride is our people. Our employees work in a closely knit team that can adapt to any task, any region and any consumer.

3. Out responcibility. Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd assumes full responsibility for the quality and legality of legal services provided to the consumer. Our financial responsibility and your risks are insured for the amount of 5,000,000 U.S. dollars. Charter and the code of honor of Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd, is our official documents and legal canons defining clearly and uncompromisingly professional and ethical standards that define the place of our company and its status in the field of private security business . Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd has signed and complies with the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Companies .

4. Our productivity . In our company, the pursuit of high productivity is constant. We are effectively using their corporate time and resources that would provide our customers with professional services at the proper level and in a timely manner. Our operations center works 24 hours. A well- built logistics can contain security unit in a state of immediate readiness to perform tasks in any area and geographic location . In this case, we use creativity and innovation solutions . We use advanced technology for that would expand the range (segment ) of our services in the field of security. We are able to efficiently solve tasks .

5. Reputation . Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd is committed to creating and maintaining their reputation in front of consumers , shareholders , employees, and colleagues in the joint business . Our image and professionalism - guarantee your safety. Our employees are the bearers of our image in the implementation of missions in different regions and in the combined teams. We are an organization that is constantly striving for professional growth and expand its capabilities . We understand that our reputation is part of the reputation of our clients. Tell me who you guard , and I will tell how serious your company .


Contacts Us

Office in Russia:
Russia, Moscow
Mob: +7 909 621 6688; +7 965 104 1755
E-mail: anatoliy.smolin@vegacyltd.com; manager@vegacyltd.com http://www.vegacyltd.com

Russian official representatives in Irkutsk: +7 (902)566-70-43

Office 70, GALATEX Beach Center 54 Vasileos Georgiou A street, Potamos
Limassol, CY 3013, Cyprus.
Office Phone: +357 25 105 966
Mob. : +357 99 830 289, +357 99 018 431



Certification and standardization

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