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Comprehensive Maritime Security

Comprehensive security, armed maritime security and special training.

  Welcome to the updated website of the international Holding company Vega Strategic Services Ltd (VSS). We offer you to learn more about the structure and features of the Holding, the list of services offered by us, new products in the field of security, initiatives, as well as opportunities for applicants to fill vacancies.

  Vega Strategic Services Ltd or (VEGA Strategic Services) is an international holding company that has United a number of specialized companies in different countries and regions under a single brand. The main direction and General line of the company is to provide professional services in the field of integrated security and military consulting in the countries of accreditation and beyond.

  The first company was established in 2011 in Cyprus. The Foundation was based on the founders ' long-term professional experience in the field of security, safety, and military Affairs. The first company was headed by veterans of special marine, army and police units. For more information about the history of the formation of the VSS Holding, see the open appeal of the holding's founder at the link. @@@link@@@

  At the moment, Vega Strategic Services Ltd is really an international Corporation that offers a wide range of specialized services aimed mainly at forecasting, identifying, locating and preventing potential security threats to public institutions and private businesses in high-risk countries and regions. The Holding's head office is located in Moscow, and there are structural divisions in Ukraine, Cyprus, and the SAR. As well as official representatives and agents in Panama, Malta, South Africa, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Germany, Great Britain and some countries in South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East. As necessary, we open and accredit offices and representative offices in different countries for a specific project or task. We also deliberately preserve or close our offices after completing missions based on market conditions.

  In the global security market, the company of our Holding Vega Strategic Services Ltd stands out because it has consolidated competent, talented and purposeful professionals in its ranks. We have combined our efforts, accumulated experience of previous service and work in the security sector, in one strategic direction. The company has passed, in such a short time, all the relevant international checks, approvals and certifications, received licenses to provide services in the main areas of activity in Russia, the SAR, Cyprus, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Panama, the Maldives and in those countries that are covered by the scope of our business interests at the moment. We are one of the few Holdings that have their own small arms abroad. In our work, we use advanced technologies, our own developments and techniques, the latest security equipment from leading manufacturers and our partners. All companies of Our Holding company operate in accordance with the requirements of international laws and conventions, international Maritime and Humanitarian law, laws of the host countries, and provide services that meet international quality standards. The activities of our staff and companies are insured by Russian and European insurance companies. In the recent past, our employees have served in special military or police units, have extensive experience in conducting peacekeeping missions, land and sea operations in high-risk regions, both on the territory of the CIS countries and abroad.

  We would like to pay special attention to the fact that despite the similarity of directions and profile, none of the companies of our Holding has taken part in active military operations on anyone's side, in any country of the world. The company does not support or belong to any political party, religious organization, or radical movement. The company does not violate international laws, conventions and signed memorandums related to the activities of our PMCs and Private security companies.


Contacts Us

Head Office:

Russian Federation, 123182, Moscow city, Schykinskaya street 2, office 25 
Mob: +7 909 621 6688
Mob: +7 965 104 1755
Е-mail: anatoliy.smolin@vegacyltd.com
Е-mail: manager@vegacyltd.com

Office in Syrian Arab Republic:
Syria, Damascus, Al-Saboura
8th Gate Project Al Rouya №.6, BLDG 1, 3rd Floor, Office 15
Tel.: +963 11 394 44 78
Mob.: +963 933 499 460, +963 981 984 704
E-mail: office@vegacyltd.com

Certification and standardization

bimco ICoC
2021  Vega - None of the companies of the holding did not take and does not take part in active combat on anyone's side, in any country in the world.   ma-development.com