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Division of sea security operations

The marine security operations division is a specialty of Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd, an accredited company in Cyprus. It provides specialized security services for the oil industry, commercial vessels, offshore cargo transportation, private yachts, port facilities, and the marine energy sector. As well as Transport security services on sea, coastal and river communications.

All active operations and transits of division of sea security operations of the company are continuously observed by employees of Tactical Command Point 24/7.

Our capabilities:

  • the Competent management of missions, consultations and trainings of crews and commands of courts concerning sea safety – technical, organizational, personal and anti-diversionary protection;
  • Protection and support of vessels, sea offshore cargo transportation;
  • Protection and security of ports, port zones, port facilities, water areas, and coastal facilities;
  • Analysis, forecasting and minimization of potential risks;
  • Inspection of an underwater part of vessels, platforms, port facilities, water areas;
  • Anti-diversionary protection of vessels and port facilities, installation of the specialized engineering equipment on vessels for protection against pirates;
  • Supply and installation of engineering protection systems, barriers, delivery of special non-lethal means and equipment to protect ships, platforms and coastal facilities from criminal attacks, acts of terrorism and pirate attacks;
  • Training, preparation and expert check of shots;
  • Selection, certification and personnel retraining in the area of sea safety;
  • Protection and Support of private yachts and small size vessels;
  • Protection of an administrative board of the companies, individuals and the VIP in sea cruises;
  • Providing our personnel for Maritime security on behalf of other security companies on a contract basis.

Competent management:

Vega Strategic Services offers continuous supervision over all sea vehicles of the customer equipped with Ship System Safety / Ship Security Alert System (SSAS). In case of receiving an alarm signal the Tactical Command Point will react respectively depending on degree of danger and the established level of protection (Security Level).

Offshore support.

Our group of sea protection renders services in safety of your vessel, a hydraulic engineering construction, mobile or stationary constructions, platforms and projects. such, as oil derricks, drilling rigs, prospecting bases, technological and research complexes. Employees of sea protection have a wide experience of carrying out of the sea operations, many of them served in Special divisions of the Navy of the Russian Federation, Greece, France and other foreign states.

Protection of ports, port water area and port facilities.

Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd has developed an effective strategy for the analysis of security and compliance onshore , offshore and port facilities raids customer requirements of international safety standards ISPS. We supply products of our own production and our General partners, advanced developers and manufacturers of security systems, special complexes for detecting and protecting objects, hydroacoustic and radar devices of non-lethal principle of operation. We use special diving equipment, equipment and equipment of the army and Navy units, devices and products for conducting assault and rescue operations.

We can provide advice and technical expertise for the development of the following projects and programs:

  • The audit expert security checks the Customer's facilities, the analysis of potential risks;
  • Evaluation and verification of the performance and operation of safety systems infrastructure;
  • Designing of complexes special protection and monitoring of the Customer's facilities;
  • Development of individual safety and evacuation plan for staff;
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of security systems and facilities.

We offer the most effective and profitable consultations according to inquiries of our Customers..

Analysis, forecasting and minimization of potential risks.

Vega Strategic Services is capable to make a detailed assessment, the analysis and forecasting of probability of approach of potential threat of your enterprise or an ongoing project.

Potential risk and vulnerability analysis is a detailed study and monitoring of existing and potentially probable security threats-from Maritime piracy and terrorism, to political instability in the regions of interest to the Customer.

Our analysis and assessment of the situation are directed on ensuring stability of your business, safety of operations, and confidence of your personnel.

Consultations on safety issues – technical, organizational, personal, etc.

Vega Strategic Services carries out technical examination of vessels, port facilities offshore power constructions, their underwater part including.

Our technical consultations include:

  • Search and detection of self-made or industrial explosive devices;
  • Inspection of an underwater part of vessels and constructions about detection of dangerous damages and threats;
  • Compliance of ports and port infrastructures to requirements of the international code for protection of vessels and port means – an ISPS Code;
  • Audit of operating systems of safety, organizational and technical recommendations about protection and counteraction to terrorist and criminal threats, development and implementation of special programs in the area of safety;
  • Psycho-diagnostics and personnel rehabilitation, complex check of candidates for work;
  • Planning of safety of ports and port facilities, design solutions of engineering protection.

Protection and Support of vessels and sea cargo transportation.

Vega Strategic Services provides both armed, and unaided protection for support of vessels and a cargo transportation passing through High Risk Areas.

During transit we carry out:

  • Visual and technical surveillance of the ship and the near area 24/7 by our personnel on Board and the Tactical Command Post at least 2 times a day (the number of reports depends on the Customer);
  • Control of performance by a vessel according with the established plan of safety and protection level (see the ISPS code).
  • Supervision over activity of piracy formations in the zones adjacent to a route of a vessel.
  • Providing the ship's personnel with special means of protection, assistance in equipping the ship with engineering protection systems to prevent illegal forcible capture by pirates
  • Active power and not power counteraction to piracy captures, protection of a vessel, cargo and crew;
  • Specific training, consultation and training of the ship's crew.

The DSP (division of sea protection) will assist the Captain and SSO in assessing the effectiveness of the installed security systems and the vessel's readiness to pass through dangerous zones, provide recommendations for changing or upgrading existing security systems, and conduct special instructions and training for the crew.

The armed DSP Group

It is armed with the modern weapon corresponding for sea operations, special means, means of communication and individual protection.

Provides protection of the ship, cargo and crew within the established international laws and conventions, relevant licenses and permits of flag States.

The non armed DSP Group

  • Provides safety of a vessel with the non-standard (improvised) systems and make-shifts of safety of nonlethal action;
  • Analysis of size of potential risk and extent of probable threat;
  • Crew preparation;
  • Supervision over transit by DSP member from Tactical Command Point.


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