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Division of protection of especially important remote objects, escort and supports of valuable cargoes.

We implement land missions in the Russian Federation and abroad through specialized companies of our Holding-Vega Strategic Services Ltd, VSS in the SAR and our official representative offices abroad. We offer services in the field of physical security and support for those Customers who plan a long-term stay in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. As well as comprehensive technical and physical protection of strategic and particularly important facilities, gas and oil industry facilities, and various fields. Our experience in this field allows us to offer a wide range of services, tested individually for each Customer. Thanks to the developments of our strategic partners in Russia and abroad, we are able to implement a full range of security services for large industrial facilities from the project to the delivery of special security equipment and unmanned systems and their further maintenance. Special complexes and systems of engineering protection, technical protection and unmanned systems for security tasks and monitoring of the situation are particularly relevant and have been tested in practice.

Our services are:

  • Support Services and escorting cargo and individuals of the Customer;
  • Survey , design, installation and maintenance of systems and systems engineering and technical protection of objects;
  • Services to provide a comprehensive safety and security at the facilities of the Customer;
  • Escort and support of delegations , media - groups of foreign tourists and citizens;
  • Analysis of the potential risk and vulnerability security companies of the Customer;
  • Education , training the staff and employees of the Customer;
  • Provision of the experts and operators to work in foreign companies under contract and the contract.
  • Delivery of advanced unmanned systems and services with their application to the task.

Services in support

If it would be necessary, our Holding has possibility to carry out the armed support of valuable cargoes, transportation columns in an escort mode in the most remote and not benevolent regions, in the conditions of the increased danger. Evacuation from regions of combat operations and post-military conflicts, evacuation connected with the arisen political instability in region.

Comprehensive physical and technical security facilities

Vega Strategic Services offers services in complex physical and technical protection of stationary objects of the Customer, as by own strength, and the given forces and means from our potential partners in various regions and the countries. We will help to plan and carry out a complex of organizational, technical and strategic actions for providing due level of security of objects of the Customer.

It is thus provided:

  • Due diligence and professionalism;
  • Compliance of the project to international standards of safety and to the international norms;
  • The analysis of potential risk for employees (the ordinary personnel and a management);
  • Planning of fast and competent response to suddenly arisen threats of safety;
  • Protection of individuals located at remote sites;
  • Management systems and complexes of technical and engineering protection facilities;
  • Transportation and tracking of individuals outside the territory of the facility;
  • Object, supply , installation, and servicing of technical protection of the object ( the installation of protective engineering structures, perimeter security systems , radio and sonar systems detect intruders , no lethal effects , video surveillance and alarm notification , emergency lighting , etc.);
  • Consultation, advice and training on security issues;

We will give to our Customers timely and competent recommendations about acceptance of constructive necessary and sufficient measures of prevention present, or prospective risks for you, your objects and your employees.

Escort and support of persons and the organizations

Vega Strategic Services renders services in an escort and support of delegations, media groups, foreign tourists and citizens in various regions. We will help to plan competently your schedule of trips, meetings and other movings, to provide due protection and safety. To carry out interaction with power structures and our potential partners in various regions and the countries. We will help to plan and carry out a complex of organizational, technical and strategic actions for maintenance of due level of your security in conference, a briefing, business meetings and presentations.

Analysis of potential risk

Vega Strategic Services offers the subject analysis of possible risks and modeling of potential threats of the safety connected with already involved projects of the Customer.

We in a condition:

  • To make an expert assessment of vulnerability of objects of the company of the Customer with mathematical modeling of threats and risks;
  • To provide safe continuation of your business in the region;
  • To provide psychological support of employees being a long time on the remote objects in High Risk Areas.
  • Conduct hardware PSYCHODIAGNOSTICS your staff and provide an opinion on its reliability, compliance with position. Conduct an audit of candidates for the position held;


Vega Strategic Services offers competent situational trainings for your employees for the purpose of increase of their qualifications, to fixing of professional skills, stabilization of a psycho emotional condition and simplification of their stay on the remote objects.

We offer the following programs:

  • Training staff to work in conditions and high-risk areas;
  • Special specialized training in the use of weapons in urban areas and at sea, self-defense and the army fighting, urban climbing, assault and tactical training, light diving training;
  • Emergency first medical care;
  • Training according to the correct using with explosive substances and devices;
  • Psychological trainings on self-control and rehabilitation;
  • Training of professionals in cybersecurity and anti-hacker threats;
  • Training on safe transportation of the VIP and an escort.

    Similar services can be rendered as before sending of your employees for work and is direct on objects.

    Granting the experts

    Vega Strategic Services has potential possibility to provide our experts on terms of the contract or turnkey contracts, for work in your company. In compliance with your request and wishes , we can create team of professionals in the protection and safety sphere. High level and professional skills of each operator – our priority and our guarantees.

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